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SkyWalking: Large-Scale Distributed Systems Tracing Infrastructure, also known Distributed Tracer.

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  • An open source Large-Scale Distributed Systems Tracing Infrastructure, also known a ditributed tracer.
  • Based on Google Dapper Paper: Dapper, a Large-Scale Distributed Systems Tracing Infrastructure, read Simplified Chinese Version
  • Support popular rpc frameworks, such as dubbo, dubbox, motan etc., trigger email-alert when application occurs unexpected exception.
  • Auto-instrumentation mechenism, no need to CHANGE any application source code.
  • Easy to deploy, even in product mode (since 2.0) . No need of Hadoop, HBase, or Cassandra Cluster.
  • Pure Java server implementation. provide gRPC (since 2.0) and HTTP (since 2.1) cross-platform spans collecting service.

Supported components

web containers

  • Tomcat 7
  • Tomcat 8


  • mysql
  • oracle
  • h2
  • easily extend to support sybase, sqlserver, jtds, db2, informix

rpc frameworks

  • dubbo
  • dubbox
  • httpClient
  • motan


  • jedis

opentracing supported frameworks

  • motan
  • hprose-java


Chinese Articles about sky-walking and distributed tracer

Sky Walking TouTiao

If you are Chinese Developer, you can join QQ Group: 392443393, and Tagged Sky-Walking.

OneAPM Open Source Achievement Award

In October 2016, Sky Walking won OneAPM Open Source Achievement Award. The award appreciates sky walking for its “contribution to popularization of APM technology”.
OneAPM will provide financial support for the project in 2016-2017.

Thanks all users of sky walking project.

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